At the Crimson Tide Sports Network, we use TRZ to provide game broadcasts to our radio affiliates outside the state of Alabama. I consistently hear from those stations that the signal is technically good and, ever more importantly, absolutely reliable. I would highly recommend TRZ for its quality service and competitive pricing.

Director of Broadcasting

Crimson Tide Sports Network

Radio/Satallite/Web Feed

Many Athletic Administrators are unaware that TRZ actually acts as the radio network distributor for many college and professional radio networks.  If your radio network falls under the following criteria, then it makes sense to use TRZ to network all of your stations.

  • If you have less than 10 stations on your radio network.
  • If you have a few stations that cannot access your broadcast via satellite for any reason.
  • If you have no existing backup system in case of satellite failure.

TRZ can get the game broadcast either by the talent dialing directly into TRZ on an 800 number, or TRZ can dial into the flagship station and get the feed via phone line to distribute to the other stations.  Due to TRZ's fully digital and redundant bridging system, the sound quality is Excellent.  Our Highly-Experienced technical staff continually monitors your game broadcast to trouble shoot any problems that might come up.

By using TRZ, networks save the trouble and expense of installing their own phone lines, purchasing and installing couplers, and then incurring long distance charges for each station calling in to get the feeds.  With TRZ's system you have unlimited couplers and no start-up costs, just a simple cost per minute.

TRZ also feeds web streaming companies for many teams.  By having TRZ feed your web site, the team or station only needs one feed of the game for TRZ to distribute, which reduces phone line and equipment usage.  Once TRZ has the feed we can share it with the internet company at the same cost that they would have had to pay, if any, to get the feed directly.  It takes no special arrangements for TRZ to feed your internet company.  All that you have to do is give them our phone number and we'll get them hooked up immediately.