Our relationship with TRZ has been absolutely terrific.  They are always looking out for us and their customer service is the best.  In one example from this year, we were scheduled to do a live video webcast from a high school basketball game at 7:00 pm, and there were delays at the gym, so we didn't begin our stream at the appointed time.  My cell phone rang and it was one of the technicians at TRZ calling to check and make sure that things were OK, and telling me they were in the office if I needed them.  Most of our streamed events are evenings and weekends, and I always know there is someone to call should a glitch occur.  The communication is great between TRZ and ourselves and we couldn't have had a better partner to help us achieve our projects goals.

Director of Interactive Brand Integration

Emmis Communications
Indianapolis, IN 

Personal Services

» FamilyLink

It's the most hassle-free way to keep in touch with friends and family!.

» Long Distance

TRZ offers some of the most competitive long distance rates in the nation as well. Whether it is a calling card you need or your own 800 number, TRZ can help.

» Web Development

TRZ's technical staff has the knowledge and skill you need to help you develop, maintain and host an effective web site. Let us help you or your company effectively use the web to reach customers at a cost you can afford.