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Auto Answer Coupler

Product Description

This Auto Answer Audio Coupler was originally designed by Mike Rabey, a nationally known radio engineer from Indianapolis, Indiana. It was marketed as the Indy Audio TC-1 for many years and has been in use by radio stations for over ten years. In 1999, Mike Rabey decided that he no longer had the time to manufacture the couplers and TRZ Communications, which was one of his biggest customers, suggested that they take over the manufacturing if Mike would agree to continue to provide technical support. Mike agreed and TRZ began manufacturing the couplers in July of 1999. This coupler is a favorite of radio engineers, or anyone who needs to access audio or transmit audio via telephone line, for several important reasons. It needs no power supply. The unit is powered by the phone line. It comes in a very small package so it fits easily into a crowded studio or phone room. It focuses on a few basic operations, so you aren't paying for features you don't need. It's rugged and reliable and comes with a one year guarantee. (In fact, after the one year is over, TRZ will generally repair any damaged couplers for just the shipping and handling costs!) Finally, it is priced right. It is the least expensive auto answer audio coupler on the market. So, if you are putting together a small radio network or just need a listen line for an consultant or member of management to dial into the station. This is the coupler for you!

  • Telephone line powered -- no external power supply needed
  • 3 modes of operation
  1. Sends audio to caller
  2. Receives audio from caller
  3. Duplex operation
  • Dry relay contacts for STATUS output -- 500 ma rating
  • RESET button allows user to disconnect unwanted callers
  • Answers and seizes line -- automatically releases line when caller hangs up

Installation and Operation

Connections to the coupler are straightforward. The modular cord plugs into the modular jack of the dial-up-line you wish to use. The audio input, or output, connects to the appropriate pair of screws on the barrier strip. The two STATUS TALLY screws are for connection to a status indicator, cart machine remote start, etc.


Audio In/Out : 600 Ohms, transformer balanced, -10 dBm max

Frequency Response :300 Hz - 3500 Hz + -1.0 dB

THD :Less than 0.5 %

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